pronouced... noose-ee-ock

42 years old and counting!!

Part of the North Carolina Moutains to Seas Trail

What a trail, where else can you encounter sandy beaches, salt marsh, cypress swamps, long leaf pine savannah and pocosin (shrubby bogs) and great views in one short hike. All located in the Croatan National Forst on the coast in eastern North Carolina

The purpose of this site it to try and provide a place with one stop shopping so to speak with details of the hike you can not find elsewhere and links to other sites with good usefull information about the trail.

Visit the online photo album where you can pictures of the Neusiok Trail.

You can also visit our forum for up todate news on the trail, hooking up, trip reports ect at Neusiok Trail Forum . Stop by and check it out !

Just created a Goolge map of the major road crossings, shelter locations, ect
Check it out here

Right now the cost of this site is coming out of my pocket. Any donations will go to help keep this site going and any donations received beyound what it costs to operate this site (cost of the domain names and web site hosting) will be given to the Carteret County Wildlide Club to help them maintain the trail.

You will some times see the trail name spelled as neusoik instead of the correct way; neusiok, a mistake I have often made myself.

The images found on this site were taken by me and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from me.